Tooele / Salt Lake Portrait Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

Call me anytime at 801.556.3301 if you have questions!


Are you the person who takes our portrait photographs?
YES! I will always be the person taking your pictures. I don't subcontract other photographers.

What kind of Camera's do you have? How high is the image quality? Do you carry back up equipment?
I shoot with a Canon 40D (8.2 Mega-pixels and a large digital back). The high resolution images can be enlarged to 30 by 40 inches perfectly if for some reason you wanted a huge picture (absolutely no distortion or loss of image quality). I also have professional Canon cameras for my negative equipment. I ALWAYS have backup equipment with me.

Are the images that come on the CD High Resolution? Are they marked in any way? Can I print from them?
The images are High Resolution images. You can print from your CD. They are not marked with a watermark or copyright. You own the images!

Are images from you re-touched?
Yes. I go through EVERY picture. Many images will already be re-touched by the time you see your pictures. I provide additional retouching at no extra charge. This includes airbrushing skin, fixing "fly-aways" in hair, objects in the background, ect.

How long have you been a professional photographer?
8 years !

Where should we take the photos?
There are A LOT of options.
1. I do shoots on location (and I know of GREAT photo locations).
2. I can come to your home to make it easy! This is often the BEST option for newborns and babies. I bring EVERYTHING ( props, backgrounds, lighting).
3. I have a great spot downtown with INDOOR AND OUTDOOR photo places.
4. I have a studio in my home in Tooele that works well for Maternity and Baby pictures.
5. I have space at the Utah Arts Alliance ( 2100s. 300w.) available if we make an advance appointment.
Most often, I do families and senior pictures ON LOCATION.
Baby pictures tend to work best at your home or in my home studio.
Call me 801 556 3301 to talk about what place works the best for you!


How do I reserve you for my portrait?

1. Give me a call at 801.556.3301 to talk about what day would work best for us both. I'll take down notes about your shoot and email you a copy when we are done with the call.

2. Pay your deposit of $50 via credit card to lock in a shoot date. If you give me 3 days of notice I can rescedule you if something comes up . YOU DON'T LOSE THE DEPOSIT as long as you give me 3 days of notice.

How much do you charge to come outside of Salt Lake or Tooele?
I live in Tooele and my shoots are most often done in Tooele or Salt Lake. There aren't any travel costs to to come to Salt Lake City. I charge $25 for a drive less than an hour from Salt Lake (except for Tooele ... it's free since I'm already here). I charge $50 for a drive less than 2 hours from from downtown Salt Lake. I charge $100 for a drive less than 3 hours from downtown Salt Lake. Travel fee are often waived for extended family shoots ( reunions ) and I can sometimes waive travel costs if I'm already in your area for another shoot! If you have flexibility with your timing, just ask when I'll be around.


Is there anything special I need to do?
Not really ! I'll guide you during your shoot. Your job is to just show up ! We will also talk about your idea before shooting and I'll guide you if there is anything you need to bring! If you are doing a MATERNITY or BABY shoot, we will most likely talk beforehand about a few items you should have with you.


How long does it take for my pictures to be ready ?
Images usually can be veiwed in about 2 weeks. I'm currently setting up a system that allow you to see the picture even sooner. It's best to schedule leaving plenty of time to shoot images and get prints done, but I can get your images to you FASTER if you need me to and you are short on time.

How long do prints take ?
Prints up to 11 by 14 size take about a week. Larger prints take a little longer. It best to schedule your shoot so that you don't have to rush, but if it's too late, my lab can rush orders if you are short on time.

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I shoot family photography, senior pictures, maternity and baby photos,  pet portraits,and more.